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While a lawyer may describe himself as a litigator, this does not mean they are trial lawyers. The distinction is important.

A litigator may be all right to handle preliminary matters, like a hearing or mediation in an effort to settle the case. However the closer they get to trial the more desperate they become to settle the case because they don't have the skills necessary to take the case to trial. Of course any case can be settled if you are willing to give away enough of what is rightfully yours to the other side.

The trial lawyer is the one who actually prepares the case and goes to trial, that is to say the one who handles the critical parts of the case, examining witnesses and arguing to the court. The trial lawyer familiarizes himself with every aspect of the case every important detail, the parties, the facts of the case, the personalities, strengths and weaknesses of the witnesses. The trial lawyer must also posses a thorough knowledge of the substantive law that governs the case, and the set of complicated rules that govern the conduct of the trial.

A trial lawyer takes the facts of your case be they good, bad, or ugly, and presents them in a way that best supports your position, to a judge and jury.

When you consider hiring a law firm to handle your case you should know from the outset whether he is a trial lawyer who will personally handle your case from start to finish and will conduct the trial, if that is required.

With over thirty years of legal experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney the Law Office of Quentin Driskell, LLC is fully competent to represent your interests in both state and federal courts in cases involving employment discrimination, civil rights cases, police misconduct, and other civil and criminal matters.

Once retained we undertake a thorough review of the law and facts of your case to ensure you have a clear understanding of the issues involved, the remedies available to you, and the probability of success.


  • 10 years Trial Attorney Newark, New Jersey.
  • 3 years Assistant Attorney General, United States Virgin Islands Dept. Justice.
  • 20 Trial Attorney,Criminal Appeals, District of Columbia.
  • We provide a level of personal attention to all of our clients that the larger firms simply cannot match.